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CrossFit Uckfield

The Paleo Gym is the only CrossFit gym in Uckfield

We know that happiness comes from a sense of accomplishment.

In a world that gets rich on making us feel inadequate, CrossFit Uckfield exists to make you feel proud!

Whatever your background, welcome to our gym - come and feel like a goddamn superhero!

Contact us to arrange a visit, a free trial of FitClub, Teens' CrossFit or Junior Hero Academy or to arrange your intro session.

Contact Ktish on 07795 016982 or

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to the Members page.

Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone up and improve your fitness or you're looking to build strength, develop gymnastic and Olympic weightlifting skills and perhaps compete,

CrossFit is for you!


You do not have to be fit to start CrossFit -CrossFit will get you fit! But if you'd rather train with a little less intensity, we offerFitClubwhich is a barbell-free,bootcamp style class.

Click here to take our quiz to see if CrossFit is for you!
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