Junior Heroes teaches kids safe, efficient movement so that as they get older, they have great movement patterns ingrained. Junior heroes aims to counteract a video-game generation’s inactivity with an ever-changing mixture of movements, including basic gymnastics, appropriate weightlifting, powerlifting and traditional cardio.  (Appropriate means learning the movement patterns accurately with either no weight or very light weights).  


Who is junior heroes for?

Junior Heroes is for all children, regardless of ability or experience, from reception year to year 6.  Classes are perfect for those kids with boundless energy but also great for showing the more reticent athletes how to be proud of what their bodies can do.  Classes are mixed age and mixed ability (just like our CrossFit classes) but our experienced teacher and CrossFit coach, Maggie, ensures everyone is appropriately and sensitively catered for.


What do we do?

Junior Heroes learn the basics from square one: how to squat, how to hinge at the hips, how to use lightweight equipment safely and effectively, how to channel (or develop) their competitiveness in healthy positive ways and most of all to enjoy being active.


why train with us?

We aim to find the perfect balance of encouraging children to achieve their potential without losing the element of play.  We want the kids we train to look forward to coming to our gym; we don’t want them to see it as a chore. Our kids’ coach, Maggie, is also a qualified teacher with full DBS clearance.  She knows how to get the best from your children.