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Krish Stevens

Krish is owner and Head Coach at CF Uckfield - a Level 1 CrossFit Coach and Level 3 Personal Trainer with full DBS clearance 

She has certificates in Functional Fitness, Bootcamp and Group Fitness and Pre and Post-Natal Exercise

She is a freelance writer - a regular contributor to the UK's first CrossFit publication:Chalk Magazine  

She is also a mum and wife to a mainly paleo family. In a previous incarnation, she was a primary school teacher.

Maggie Kane

Maggie is a Level 1 CrossFit Coach and a fully qualified primary school teacher with full DBS clearance and a seasoned CrosssFitter. 

She coaches CrossFit classes, FitClub classes and is our Head of Youth Devlopment and Perfomance Pathways Developer - programming and delivering Little Heroes, Junior Hero and Couch to CrossFit Programmes, using appropriate scaling options to ensure smooth transitions for adults and children as well as delivering One-to-one Sports Specific Coaching for kids.

She has competed in a variety of CrossFit events and is mum and wife to a mainly paleo family.  


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Russ Stevens

Russ is co-owner, a L1 CrossFit Coach and a passionate CrossFitter with full DBS clearance, our Head Judge for in-house competitions and also our Director of Operations at the gym.

When he isnt working full-time, he is pretty much always found in the gym, either training or coaching, rigorous in his quest for beautiful movement. 

He guarantees to get you your first double unders in ten minutes flat!

Maggie Kane                     Krish Stevens                   Russ Stevens

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