How to be not unhappy

I needed to be told to toughen up, to stop feeling sorry for myself, to take control and do something! This is not popular advice for people suffering from depression - I know - and actually probably not helpful to hear if you are depressed but it is genuinely what I, personally, needed to do.

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Krzysia Stevens
Give Yourself Some Credit.

It has taught me so much about myself and for the longest time, it has only seemed to teach me negative things about myself, like how intrinsically lazy I am, what a slow learner I am, how mentally weak I am, how scared I am of everything, how great I am at avoiding things and putting them off - the list goes on, it really does.

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Why Everyone Should Sign up for the Open

The CrossFit Open is an annual, global competition that anyone can enter. Generally you do it at your own CrossFit gym and each person is judged to make sure they adhere to the standards for that workout and you enter your scores on a global database, comparing yourself with thousands of like-minded people across your gym, country, region and the world.

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Member Spotlight: Aimee Arthur

CrossFit makes me proud of my gender. It promotes such a positive attitude towards female fitness. It’s not about being thin, or having a Kardashian bum, its about being a stronger version of your best self.

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Stuart Mack